Here are some of the questions we get asked.

Covid-19 What is happening?

Following the PM's statement to the nation on Monday 24 May 2020, we outline here our plan to cope with Covid-19.

We consider ourselves to be a vital service company. We serve Agriculture, Forestry and Industry. Very little of our work is descrectionary or for leisure.

Examples of daily activities are: Repairing and servicing compressors so that farmers can milk their cows. Replacing hydraulic hoses so that A W Jenkinson can take fuel to power stations, and farmers can feed animals. Providing hydraulic hoses to forestry contractors, so that they can harvest trees for A W Jenkinson to take to power stations. Providing engineering products to Typhon Treatment who are currently manufacturing 6 large drinking water treatment reactors for United Utilities. Apologies for naming customers, but these are strange times!

In line with the above, we will operate as close to normally, but with appropriate precautions for these extreme times.

We will monitor the temperature of employees twice a day and anyone displaying a high temperature will be asked to self isolate in line with NHS guidelines.

We will monitor the temperature of customer coming into the building. Anyone displaying a high temperature will be advised ... and asked to maintain at least 3 metres from any employees.

Keep Safe, and Best Regards... Gavin Wilkinson MD, Anguilla Solutions Ltd, T/A PSSI.

Who buys your products?

Manufacturing Industry, Food Industry, Transport Industry, Quarries, Foresters. If it's technical hardware you're looking for... we can get it for you.

Can you get special items?

Yes. A surprising amount of our business comes from companies that want to source hard to find items.

What area do you cover for on-site hydraulic hose replacement.

We generally offer mobile service inside a 75 radius of Penrith. Of course we'll go anywhere by arrangement. Give us a call to discuss.