CHAMPION FM11 Lubricated Screw Compressor Package

11kW Lubricated Screw Compressor by Gardner Denver



Champion F11 lubricated screw compressor package

Loves hard work!  Can produce 1390 LPM (49.1 cfm) free air at 10 bar 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.   Generous ventilation allows this compressor to operate at up to 46ºC ambient temperature with lower outlet air temperature.  2000 hour service interval The FM11 lubricated screw compressor was introduced to the product range in 2019 to replace the KSA 11 PLUS.

This price is for a package – compressor, 500L reciever and air dryer.

  • Quiet … at 70 db(A) you can easily talk across the compressor without shouting!
  • Lubricated rotary screw design for long life
  • Choice of 7,  8, 10 or 13 bar operating pressure
  • Produces up to 1390 LPM (49.1 cfm) at 10 bar
  • C-PRO-2 electronic controller also allows sequencing of up to 8 fixed speed compressors
  • High efficiency 11W IE3 three phase motor
  • Economical 4,000 hour service interval.
  • PSSI Factory-trained technicians for installation and servicing by PSSI
  • Standard two year warranty with optional extension to five years
  • Compressor, receiver and dryer available individually

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