7.5kW Lubricated Screw Compressor by Gardner Denver



Champion KA7 Plus floor mounted compressor

The Champion KA7 is the best selling lubricated screw compressor within the range.  We have installed these for various applications including:  a four robot milking system on a large dairy farm; A large commercial vehicle workshop where big pneumatic impact wrenches and shot-blasting use considerable volumes of air.

This price is for the floor mounted compressor, no receiver, no air dryer.

  • Quiet … at 67 db(A) you can easily talk across the compressor without shouting!
  • Lubricated rotary screw design for long life
  • Maximum pressure: choice of 8, 10 or 13 bar
  • Produces up to 1,120 LPM (39.5 cfm) at 8 bar
  • Electronic controller for versatility and safety
  • 7.5kW three phase motor
  • Factory-trained technicians for installation and servicing by PSSI
  • Two year warranty
  • Same compressor available with 270L or 500L receiver
  • Same compressor available with 270L or 500L receiver and dryer

Price Excludes VAT

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