4kW Oil-Free Scroll Compressor by Gardner Denver



Champion S4 scroll compressor, floor mounted.

The Champion S4 is the smallest of the oil-free scroll compressor range from Gardner Denver.  The S4-S8 range is ideal for food, medical, biotech or laboratory applications.  At the compressor’s heart is a unit that contains stationary and rotating scrolls which draw air in and compress it with minimal sliding movement allowing zero use of lubricants.

  • Direct On-Line starting.. version with electronic controller also available
  • ISO 8573-1 Class Zero oil-free air
  • Orbiting and fixed scrolls require no lubrication
  • Maximum pressure 10 bar (145 psi)
  • Produces  353LPM (12.4 cfm) at 10 bar
  • Refrigerant dryer and Air Receiver also available separately
  • 4kW three phase motor
  • Factory-trained technicians for installation and servicing by PSSI
  • Two year warranty

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