Hydraulic Hose Trade Counter

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Quality Hoses.. Good Value & Fast

Get replacement hoses from our Hydraulic Hose Trade Counter in Penrith.  We make hoses from 1/4 inch to 1.1/4 inch bore, and up to 420 bar within a few minutes.

Our experienced operators will assemble a cost-effective replacement for your dead hose from quality brands…  including OLMARK quality hydraulic hose imported direct from Italy, and Aflex for PTFE lined hoses.  We stock BRAIDED hose with 1 or 2 layers of steel reinforcement, and MULTI-SPIRAL hose with 4 or 6 layers of steel reinforcement.

First we identify the hose with the correct flexibility, pressure rating, chemical resistance and toughness.  We cut the hose to length and clean it by blowing a foam plug through the bore.  This removes any steel dust created by cutting through the steel reinforcement.

We then carefully inspect your old hose to determine the exact type of end fittings.  We stock hundreds, if not thousands, of different fittings, so we are almost certain to have exactly what is needed for your hose.  The fittings are permanently fitted onto the hose using a hydraulic swaging machine to  compress the hose wall between the internal fitting and the external ferrule.

Finally, we add any extras like steel or plastic spiral protective wrap and/or textile sleeve to protect personnel from any future hose burst.

A typical 3/8 inch hose 1 metre long will cost around £24 + VAT and be ready to go within minutes.

Price Excludes VAT

We don't sell online. Please call us to check if we have what you need.

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