Screw Compressors

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Because many of our compressors go into milking parlours and robot milking units, we know machines FULLY capable of 24/7 operation are required.  Breakdowns in industry are a complete pain, even if backup air is available.

We searched long and hard to find a UK manufacturer of QUALTIY machines, and finally selected Avelair, based in Bury St Edmunds, to supply our screw compressors.

These machines are built in the UK, so technical assistance and spares are always available.

Avelair compressors are built to a very high standard, featuring rigid steel tubing for the oil and air circuits, rather than flexible rubber hydraulic hoses.  This reduces the chance of failure and makes servicing less expensive.

A ‘normal’ screw compressor will need four or five sets of hydraulic hoses over its lifetime, and the money saved on maintenance will pay for the extra investment to buy a decent machine in the first place!