We are agents for HobbyWeld Rent-Free welding gases.   Pay a deposit on the bottle, then pay for gas fills only.  No annual rental, no leasing.  And if you don’t need the bottle, bring it back for a refund*.  *£10 admin fee applies.

There are three sizes of cylinder.

  1. Original – 10L bottle filled to 137 bar (1,370 litres at atmospheric pressure).  These are best if you need to move them often!
  2. Plus – 20L bottle filled to 230 bar (4,600 litres at atmospheric pressure)
  3. Ultra – 20 litre bottle filled to 300 bar (6,000 litres at atmospheric pressure).  The ultra bottle features built-in regulators.

To complement our gas range we are also a Jasic and Esab welding equipment distributor so if you are looking for a small mobile machine, a larger workshop machine or just after welding wire and consumables then PSSI is the place to be!